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Things You'll Need To Know

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We pride ourselves in taking care of our employees so they can take care of our guests and maintain the excellent level of customer service we strive for. Our employees are eligible for great perks including:  Premium Staff Accommodations, Staff Meal Plan, Food & Beverage Discounts, Ski Pass Discounts, Banff Canoe Club Summer, Boating Pass and Health and Dental Benefits to name a few!

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Staff Accommodation 

Cable & Internet

Cable TV Provided in rooms. Wi-fi is not provided but can be set up at your own expense.

Units Available 

2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, Single bed room, 2 twin bed  – bedrooms - Upper units, Lower, basement units.

Please inquire with HR about specifics.


Subsidized program deducted from  bi-weekly paycheck. Cost varies and depends on unit. Please inquire with HR about specifics.

Furnishings and other important information:

Not all units have kitchen cooking supplies and dishes

Basic furnishings provided (bed, chairs, couch, TV, lamps) Please inquire with HR about specifics

Storage available (bikes, skis and snowboards) 

Rocky Mountain Housing Corporation Laundry Room – Shared Washers and Dryers available for cost

Otter Street Housing - No Laundry available, laundry mat at Cascade Mall for cost

Linens and towels available upon request. Please inquire with HR about specifics.

Staff Accommodation Check In

Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm

If you miss check in, you are required to get a hotel room at your own expense until the following Monday at 9:00am.


Living in Banff

Banff Registry Office - Obtaining Alberta Health, Drivers License  


Biking Around Banff - We highly recommend bringing to purchasing a bike while living in Banff. It is a very convenient and enjoyable way to get around town during the peak season and there is storage for your bike at our Staff Accommodations. 

Grocery stores –There are two Grocery Stores in Banff, Nesters Market and IGA. Both are located downtown and walking distance to staff accommodations.

Parking in Banff - There is limited public parking in Banff during the peak summer months. There is no employee parking on site at the hotels. We encourage staff associates to walk, bike or take Banff transit to work. 

Gyms – There are multiple gyms and fitness centres in Banff.

Sally Borden at the Banff Centre


Fairmont Banff Springs Gym

Town of Banff drop in classes

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